Packman is a 32bit Windows Portable Executable image packer. It will take an existing executable and compress it into a form that runs exactly like the original. The main goal of the program is to give the user detailed control over the packing process.



February 3, 2006:
Version 1.0 is here! Source code released! This version is completely recoded and supports a much greater variety of executables (no .NET support though). Best of all, this whole project is released to the public domain!

Again, I didn't do much testing with this version. If you find any bugs or executables that will not compress, let me know please.

Remember, this is an advanced packer so read and understand the help file before blindly compressing files. If you don't read the help file, I suggest you do not change the default settings. Enjoy =D

April 17, 2005:
Website went down for some reason and I couldn't log into my account. Moved to another providor.

I am not currently working on this because I am too busy with school and any free time I have is eaten up by the evil game World of Warcraft. This summer I am planning on canceling my World of Warcraft account and doing a complete rewrite of this program. I am unsatisfied with the compression of aPlib for large executables so I am thinking about implementing a compression plug in interface. That way you can use aPlib on only the small stuff. I will release the source after the rewrite because it's just too messy in it's current state.

Also I want to say thank you to Marko for the small screenshot png's; they are so cute!

November 1, 2004:
Version release. This is the first ever release of Packman!